Christmas in Colombia

Do you know something about Colombia? Do you know how do we celebrate Christmas?


Well, this is a great space to teach you some nice things and pictures about the way Colombians celebrate Christmas. The first thing you should know, is that in Colombia most people are catholic, for this reason, Christmas is time for pray, the family and celebrate the Jesus’ birth. To do this that, when December starts the lights are everywhere, illuminating every corner. Also, every year we put up the manger, to represent those times where Jesus would be born and the decoration inside and outside house it’s amazing.














The 16th of December Colombians start reading the ‘Novena’, which are prayers for nine days, and end the 24th of December. During the Novena, each day with family and friends, we pray and sing carols. Also, It is really popular to eat ‘Bunuelos’ and ‘Natilla’ (kind of custard).









The 24th in the night, families are together to celebrate the birth. For that reason, the Christmas tree is full of presents, which be delivered at midnight.

IMG_0619 IMG_0654







Another important symbol for Christmas is the Christmas Flower. It has beautiful and big red petals, and a little yellow centre and its huge green leaves, and all together represent the Christmas colours.








For us, the most important thing is sharing with the family. This day is perfect to thank for each gift in your life, for the moments, the life and health, love and beautiful people around you.

I don’t know how you celebrate Christmas, but, from Colombia, I send the best wishes!

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